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Record Pause Play on the Ronsha Mix Show

Record Pause Play is getting spun on several different radio shows right now. If you are a radio DJ and would like a copy of the record, please hit us up adn we’ll gladly send you one.

We are the 7th track in this edition of the Ronsha Mixz show out of France.

Listen to it with the player below. This is one of our favourite mix shows out there. Much respect!


1- DJ Melshow “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- iNTeLL (2nd Generation Wu) x Shaka Amazulu The 7th “Crack Statues”
3- Philosophy Cole “Scarborough Mirror”
4- Cashus King x DJ Applejac “Cream Soda” (feat. Blu)
5- A1phaB3nch (A1phaNum3ric5 + The Benchwarmers Clique) x Jubai “Stronger”
6- Ruste Juxx, Regal & Anno Domini “Oou La La” [Cuts by DJ D-Mil]
7- Record Pause Play (Wizekrak, MikeAll & Tigz) x Lyve “Mic Check Redux”
8- . . .

Get the album wherever you get your music or you can purchase it here – https://mikeall.bandcamp.com/album/record-pause-play

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