Hip Hop Headucatorz

Educators Practising Hip Hop In and Outside of the Classroom

Teachers Can Rap

Hip Hop Headucatorz are more than just a rap group. Our crew is comprised of DJs, producers, emcees, breakers, and graffiti artists. We are all active teachers who embrace Hip Hop culture both in and out of the classroom. As professional educators, we know how it can reach and inspire our students.

We encourage teachers to bring Hip Hop culture into their classrooms with ready-to-use resources.

The Math Album

The Math Album is a multi-media production that teachers can use to engage their students in the four basic operations of mathematics. The activities vary in difficulty and are designed by teachers for students in Grades 1-6.

Head of the Class

Head of the Class is our debut album. It is available wherever you get your music and on streaming services. The deluxe edition comes with an 80-page teacher resource book.

CBC Radio Interview

Rebecca Zandbergen of London Morning interviewed Chase March about our mission to teach through the popular music genre of Hip Hop.

Leaders of Litres

The theme for this song is leadership so we collaborated with a special guest who knows a lot about the topic, Dinco D of the legendary group Leaders of the New School.

Our Story

Award-winning teacher and recording artist, MikeAll wanted to make a special song to celebrate World Teachers Day in 2019. He recruited fellow educators to craft a song about education.

The debut single “Each One Teach One” featured vocals by Wizekrak, MikeAll, Just Sev, A-Cubed, Tigz,Jon Corbin, and Chase March, with production by I.Khan and cuts by Chase March.

Little did they know, that this singular track would spark a movement. They continued to work on music, added more members to the group, and even started creating resources for teachers to bring Hip Hop music and culture to the classroom.

They crew is currently 10 members strong. Every member of the group is a licensed and registered teacher working in elementary and secondary education in Ontario.

What’s New with Hip Hop Headucatorz

  • Nettz Presented With Teaching Excellence Award

    Nettz Presented With Teaching Excellence Award

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    Hip Hop Headucatorz are a group of teachers who use Hip Hop music and culture in the classroom to connect with and inspire students. One of our members was recognized this month with the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. In the following video, Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne introduces the Prime Ministrer, Justin Trudeau. Then…

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  • Congratulations Nettz, Teaching Excellence Award Winner

    Congratulations Nettz, Teaching Excellence Award Winner

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    We are proud to announce that a member of Hip Hop Headucatorz has been awarded one of the biggest honours in education. Our very own Professor Nettz, aka Dean Netto, will be travelling to Ottawa to accept the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. “Mr. Netto’s unwavering commitment to educational excellence was integral to me…

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