Hip Hop Headucatorz are a group of Ontario Teachers who believe in the use of Hip Hop culture to inspire and engage students.

The Headucatorz are made up of DJs, producers, emcees, breakers, and graffiti artists who are active educators across Southern Ontario.

Members – A-Cubed, Chase March, I.Khan, Jon Corbin, Just Sev, Matt Dee, MikeAll, Tigz, the apologette, and Wizekrak 

“Head of the Class” is more than a collection of music. It is a way to connect with students and fellow teachers. The deluxe version of the album comes with lesson plans and resources that can be used in the classroom.

Stream it or buy it wherever you get your music.

The deluxe version is available exclusively on our Bandcamp page.

“The Math Album” by Hip Hop Headucatorz is a multi-media production that teachers can use to engage students in the four basic operations of mathematics. Each song is accompanied with a music video. The teacher resource book is full of ready-to-use activities for the classroom with worksheets that can be photocopied. The activities vary in difficulty and are designed by teachers for students in Grades 1-6.

Buy it on Teachers Pay Teachers or Bandcamp.