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Record Pause Play – Live Performance

MikeAll and Tigz of Record Pause Play perform the song “More Than” off their self-titled debut album. Backed up by DJ Chase March at Penny’s Bar in Toronto, their energetic live performance was a hit with the crowd.

Record Pause Play, RPP, is a sub group of the Hip Hop Headucatorz. It features most of the TCDSB (Toronto Catholic District School Board) members and is comprised of I.Khan, MikeAll, Tigz, and Wizekrak.

RPP is all about banging boom bap production and raw raps. It harkens back to the golden era of 90s Hip Hop that we grew up loving. While not thematically focused on education like the Headucatorz, RPP displays similar intelligence through thoughtful and witty lyrics.

Stream or download the album wherever you get your music or get it on Bandcamp.


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