Hip Hop Headucatorz

Educators Practising Hip Hop In and Outside of the Classroom

MikeAll Teaching Hip Hop (Guest Presenter)


The Hip Hop Headucatorz are comprised of elementary and secondary teachers but they are not below the realm of higher learning. For example, MikeAll has collaborated with Dr. Naveen Joshi, Professor of Cultural Studies, Department of Liberal Studies at Humber College. Dr. Naveen (aka the Hip Hop Prof) offers an elective course called Hip-Hop Studies: Beats, Rhymes, and Life. This course explores Hip Hop culture and music by examining case studies. Some themes discussed are rap and the legal system, LGBTQ+ rap etc. 

Hip Hop Prof Naveen hails from South Side Porcupine, Ontario and has been a die-hard rap fan since childhood. His music collection of cassettes, cds and vinyl is impressive and could rival that of many DJs! He enriches his course with expert guest speakers. MikeAll was invited to be a presenter after a Youtube search on Hip Hop education led to a discovery of the Headucatorz. MikeAll has had the pleasure of working with Hip Hop Prof Naveen’s students several times. These presentations model how Headucatorz utilize Hip Hop edutainment as curriculum. Without missing a beat, college students engage in the same exercises as their younger counterparts. They read, write and recite Rhythm And Poetry. However, it “Aint No Joke” nor filler class as many students cite the lesson/lecture in their final assignment.

Here are some sample quotes;

“[Each One Teach One] elicits ideas of how Hip Hop can be used as an education tool and to connect with the youth. During his visit, MikeAll showed the class how [a Headucator] uses Hip Hop to help teach [their] language arts class. He had students recording rhymes over a beat about different historical figures. We also did an activity where we had to create our own rhymes using [rap lyric writing prompts] to help us think of topics to write about. After that class, it was clear to me that Hip Hop can also be used as an education tool. I was able to learn so much even from the small examples…”

(Student XX, 2023)”

“I was very inspired by the energy and positive messages of the song such as encouraging listeners to educate themselves and pick up books instead of guns… This reminded me further of when we discussed the impact of youth centers and fostering healthy upbringings in hip-hop. Today, it is rare to hear an artist promoting positive messages through their music. Given the nosedive hip-hop culture has taken today, I think it is crucial for hip-hop educators such as Mike and Mr. Wayne to continue to teach and foster talent among the younger generations to come.”

(Student XY, 2023)

These testimonies highlight the power of Hip Hop education. Indeed, “Hip Hop Speaks to Children” and is also effective with adults. After all, when played just right, Hip Hop can be the soundtrack to life long learning

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