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Hip Hop Headucatorz in Ottawa – A Recap


‘Twas a Capital affair when four Headucatorz (Chase March, Jon Corbin, MikeAll & the apologette) travelled to Ottawa for a panel discussion on Hip Hop in education. The event was part of the first ever Hip Hop theatre festival at the NAC.

The Headucatorz had an engaging conversation with host Adrienne Codett. Topics explored were defining Hip Hop culture (as more than rap); success stories of using Hip Hop in the classroom; institutional resistance to Hip Hop pedagogy and the supports educators need.

Keeping it Hip Hop, our DJ Chase March brought his tables and mixed Hip Hop classics during the post discussion mingle. The Headucatorz were honoured to share their experiences and network with great people in the audience. Our segment was one part of a campaign to amplify Hip Hop’s positive impact. It is hoped that we keep pressing this important topic so Hip Hop education plays on!

If you want to hear the panel, we posted the complete audio of it last week and Chase March aired it on Word is Bond Rap Radio. Check it out!

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