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Words Create Worlds (New Hip Hop Headucatorz Song)


How do Headucatorz spend their summer?

They travel with words. Join us for the journey on “Words Create Worlds”

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Let the beat drop like this when I, I grab that mic son
If I see a scary dog coming you know I might run
I got a pool now crazy people, I’ll invite some
I ‘ve been working out pretty steady I got the right guns
Not really but I could work my words like a tight pun
Metaphor or simile you duck I got the light gun
Twisting these words create worlds yeah that’s hype fun
That’s pretzel style like Princess Leia rockin a tight bun
I don’t see eye to eye my vision’s bad my sights done
I’m not sure about your jam if it’s dope I might come
I make moves first like playing chess you move the white one
I’m back in training like an athlete doing a night run/
Do the math you can’t add can’t get the right sum
But fortunately I teach math stay in the class till I’m done
I read your rhymes a dictionary’s what you need so find one
And edit your work I’ve seen your words and you’ve refined none


Words create worlds its a nice place to visit
So honestly please don’t forget to purchase tickets
With these words I’d like to keep it real implicit
I prefer the word sharp to being complicit
Furthermore, I will over I would any minute
And like a ball player making sure I can pivot
Inconceivable to find someone consider me a bigot
A word when embodied, seriously inhibits
Using could over can is something I prohibit
Saying could is like doing math without the digits
Finally, I shall trumps Should in retrospect
My personal word choice, I can always inspect
Similar to Tarantino my world I direct
Designing my world with nothing but respect


The word was made flesh my verse is tres fresh
Those heard it gave respect don’t curse but stay blessed
Must earn to claim cheques 1st work and drain sweat
Before you ace test be sure to train prep
My word it ain’t jest certain as tax and death
Hurting like pain’s caress still searching to gain steps
Skills murking the lame threats wills merge in the lane left
2 burst with pace of jets toward great success
Serve em in straight sets sure thing so place beats
Thirsting my wave drench like name was Morris Bench
Your games Nerf Smurfette versus grenade tech
My poetry’s Monet how I paint to impress
Purchase our tape cassette C.D. or wax press
Burn cold shoulders by aiming flaming text
This battles already (w)one just like KRS
Step into the world our words create yes


Lyrics written by the artist performing them
Produced by Wizekrak
Mixed & mastered by Wizekrak

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