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Practice Makes Improvement with MikeAll

“Practice makes perfect” was a popular phrase and it still is. Personally though, my preference is to say that “practice makes improvement!”

Thus, the opening line for my “Refine Your Craft” verse already existed. The theme of a song about refining self seemed like the perfect place to poetically “publish” this expression.

When pitching the song idea, member Wizekrak said each MC would start rhyming off the last word of the previous poet. That is normally how I like to flow anyway, so wanted to see if could sustain the same rhyme pattern throughout the whole verse. Alliteration, Alphabet Countdown, same rhyme scheme for entire verse are “writes” of passage to this MC.

Internal freestyles off the first line had primed my mind, so when I did pick up a pencil the poetry poured out quite naturally.

Practice makes improvement
Masters remain students
Map then aim ya movement
Tap in brain stay rooted
Graph strengths then play to it
Hat trick games conclusion
Match stick flame ebullient
HeadUcatorz ain’t truant

Eight bars is usually the standard length for a HeadUcator verse, however, mine was half of that. Rather than pressure myself to write more, I accepted it as complete. Part of refining is knowing when to stop. Consider how many ice sculptures are ruined by one too many cuts. I am also super self-critical of being too wordy so appreciated the brevity. In the end, I was proud of a verse that was, to quote GZA, “half short and twice strong.”

Speaking of legendary MCs, the guest feature of Sadat X was not always planned. It came about as a pleasant surprise after Wizekrak’s networking efforts. Once the feature of the veteran MC and one time teacher was secured, I was extra pleased with the poetry I had produced. If one is to collaborate with the greats, then “Eh game” material is needed. However, it is not about being flawless. After all, if the process involves improving then that is what’s perfect!

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