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Favourite Teacher – Celebrating World Teachers’ Day


Every year we celebrate World Teachers’ Day by dropping new music. This year, our song looks at the influence our favourite teachers have had on us.

The idea for this video was sparked by a real episode of Wheel of Fortune. We recreated the puzzle in a fun way to feature the Headucatorz who worked on this track.

We hope you enjoy it!

Download “Favourite Teacher” by HIp Hop Headucatorz for freehttps://hiphopheaducatorz.bandcamp.com/album/favourite-teacher

If you use Hip Hop in the classroom, please reach out, we’d love to hear from you.


CHORUS – the apologette

Child you gotta open your eyes
Open your mind, your mind
And in time
See the truth and the lies
Open your mind, your mind
“Only thing worse than being blind
Open your mind, (your mind) Is having sight with no vision”
Move past what you’re thinking, be bold, and go make your own design

VERSE 1 – A-Cubed

My inspiration for doing this job
if a door was opportunity, she turned a few knobs
My favourite teacher is an articulate speaker
Writing albums with everyone’s voice as a feature
Someone who cares and dares to climb these stairs
il faut vraiment vive tes affaires
First and foremost
Like number one
Mind yourself
Favourites got their mental health won

Verse 2 – Chase March

Yo, it was 1990, grade 10, we were studying Macbeth
Everybody knew I was a sci-fi head
The teacher walked up to my desk with some VHS tapes
Said these words and then walked away
“Star Wars is based on MacBeth”
Like What!?!?!
Now I was energized To read the play
And watch the films again in a new way
It blew my mind and I’m grateful to this very day


VERSE 3 – Tigz

It’s an oxymoron y’all
Teachers need to lead you while they meet you
Giving new experiences, guessing to know your demeanor
With no resources y’all
Favourite teachers know there’s no promotion
Sweats it out with thick skin
Soft ego and devotion.
Schooled me in thought
Forever a student whose taught
The only constant is change
Life can maintain with the fraught
Don’t Punch in and out of that clock
Whether you like it or not
Better-yet your range of adaptation
Will determine your lot

VERSE 4 – MikeAll

Sadat X marks the spot where
Teachers make their mark
Like John Qs son harbour larger hearts
Play part of co-pilot for the far ride
“Focused Daily” on “These Dreams” like Defari
My goal as a Teacher help you reach yours
Motivate motion move from seat and floor
Know Wordsworth speech saves lives
Youths “The Best Part” yo ask J-Live
Tribes Headucatorz Chase March beat bumps
Pray you archive good vibes like DJ Grumps
Trust lifelong learners pursuing truth
Students our favourite Teachers usually You


Footnotes (for quoted passages in the lyrics above)

1 – Helen Keller
2 – Mr Connors (Chase’s Teacher)
3 – Song Titles (look them up)

Lyrics written by the artist performing them (A-Cubed, Chase March, the apologette, Tigz, and MikeAll)
Produced by Chase March
Featuring a Mini Headucator
Mixed & mastered by Wizekrak
Video by Chase March

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