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Our Hip Hop Teaching Resource is in Stores


Head of the Class by Hip Hop Headucatorz is now available as a physical release. This 80-page teacher resource book comes with a download of the deluxe version of the album. It includes instrumentals of all the songs so teachers and students can use it in the classroom. You can now find the book on the shelves of A Different Booklist.

A Different Booklist is an African-Canadian owned bookstore located at 779 Bathurst Street in Toronto. We are proud that they are carrying our first physical release.

This book contains detailed lesson plans, lyrics, black line masters, worksheets, and rubrics. It comes with a download of our 12 song album. Each song is accompanied with at least one lesson plan. They cover language arts, mathematics, dance, visual arts and music. The activities are aimed at junior, intermediate, and senior students but can work well with primary age children with a few modifications.

This rich and engaging document will be a welcome addition to your collection of educational resources.

Great educators meet their students where they are at to help guide them to where they should be. “Head of the Class” Deluxe EDition scores top marks for that goal!

You can buy a physical copy of our 80-page teacher resource book at the store or online with this link.

A Different Booklist
779 Bathurst Street
Toronto ON
Canada, M5S 0B7

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