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Raptor Roar!


Repping the hometown team and celebrating the 4th anniversary of the Toronto Raptor’s NBA Championship.

It’s time to hear the Raptor Roar!


Raptor Roar out the ACC
Making plays for James Naismith’s team
It’s a sonic treat when I. Khan lace the beat
My best gets fired like Dwayne Casey
These MCs stampede hunt as a team
Guaranteed heat like VanVleet release
Aiyo feel the beat got the heart for respect
Nothing but net call it the Carter effect
Best get a medic to Nurse the Nicks
Left Warriors broken when our verses hit
Squad’s birthed to win it’s similar odds
That Ibaka block shots Lowry’s 3s drop
TDot Mighty Mouse got stout ya admire
Mic Damon on point like Stoudamire
Record Pause Play wows the crowd
We the North We got Now


Raptor Roar repping hard through the GTA
We got now time to play
Raptor Roar repping hard for the whole CA
We got now Record Pause Play


From 95 to 99 waiting in that Skydome line
To the rafters we would climb to see the Raptors start to grind
Bleeding noses with the homies, strangers, families and friends
Yeah you know me still the old me counting pennies for rent
I’m too autumn for the Leafs but could I ever really afford it
Couldn’t dream of a cross over but bank shots really floored it
So the couch it turned out became the magnet to our metal
Where we settle who was better who to trade and who to let go
Wooh! Yo that Toronto screw face love
If we’re not talking then we’re hating that’s Toronto screw face love, what
We walked a thin line between love and plain hate
Kawhi did his job for those that showed up late
From Magloire to Wiggins we’re here to plant our stake
From Tadmore to the Tower we’re not M-I-A
Raptors Roar repping hard throughout the whole C-A

At the Scotiabank Arena we roar
Bout to watch the Raptors soar
Lock down quarter be the fourth
Like Jordan in the end bout to score
At the edge of our seat like the back of our knees
Four tickets courtside I’m begging you please
No tease, the championship trophy we seized
These are picture perfect moments, say cheese

Just Sev

We’ve been live, we’ve been live, way before ’95
Before the Carter vibe, the 6ix been buzzing like a hive
Step inside our edifice, and find out quick
That you don’t want to mess with this (swish)
From Danforth and Danforth, We the true North
Never step back we move forth
Need more than just passport to pass half court
Jurassic to the core, feel the Raptor Roar


released June 13, 2023
Production: I.Khan
Lyrics: MikeAll, Tigz, A-Cubed & Just Sev
Mixing & Mastering: Wizekrak

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