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Celebrate Pi Day with Some Rap Music

March 14 is a day to celebrate the magic of mathematics. It’s the 3rd month and the 14th day so it can be written as 3.14, which is the value of Pi to 2 decimal places.

We made a track a few years ago with special guest, Will Penner, as an ode to math. Chase March even closes out his verse by reciting Pi to seven decimal places. He has a story about why he memorized it to so many places. Ask him next time you see him.

In the meantime, check out “Add It Up” from our debut album “Head of the Class”.

You can bring Hip Hop into your classroom with our latest album, simply titled The Math Album. It comes with an 80-page teacher resource book and is accompanied with music videos that help teach the mathematics concepts we rap about on each song. Here is our song about multiplication.

The album is available on YouTube and the songs and teacher resource book can be purchased from Bandcamp and Teachers Pay Teachers.

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Happy Pi Day!

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