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Wizekrak Presents . . . The Pit Viper EP

Wizekrak was planning on releasing a new single but over the course of a few months, it grew to be an EP.

Featuring the talents of A-Cubed, MikeAll, and Chase March of Hip Hop HeadUcatorz, plus the legendary emcees Dan-e-o and Sadat X, with production by Symbiant and Wizekrak . . .

The Pit Viper EP is 5 tracks of underground boom bap that is sure to please.

Use the player below to listen to it. You can even download it for free from Bandcamp.

If you choose to purchase the EP, all funds will go to Wizekrak’s classroom and will be used to purchase equipment that he will use in his Hip Hop Education program so that his students will be able to produce their own music.

You can pay what you can for this release or simply enter zero to get it for free. All the money will go toward the kids of his new school in September.

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