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The Bitter Sweet End of Another School Year

The school year drawing to a close often leaves me with a feeling of melancholy. It’s hard to explain exactly why. I tried my best to do that with this song. I hope the bitter sweet feeling comes through in the lyrics and the soulful hook sung by the apologette.

This single also comes with a sample lesson, worksheets, and blackline masters. It’s everything you need to teach a lesson about the school year coming to a close.

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June Blues – lyrics

Ya know when you get to the end of a good book
not finished yet and don’t wanna look
at the pages that’s left, kinda got ya shook
everyone else counting down
like they can finally be free
but for ten months this place energized me
it’s like I got two homes and I built this one of stone
now it’s crumbling, bit by bit
art work comes down, bulletin board displays in disarray
on the last day, when all the students gone
I sit on one of their desks and look around, forlorn
did I do enough to prepare them for the road ahead
should be elated, but there’s melancholy instead
some of my peers don’t understand, they’re flying high
off to sunny destinations
I can’t afford a vacation, I’ll be working all summer
maybe that’s why there’s no elation and I’m feeling deflated

These teacher blues,
Ain’t nothing I can do,
We had a second home now it’s gone

Every September’s filled with promise and it’s so exciting
the first chapter of a good book this year I’m rising
to new heights never to rest on my laurels
and teach the same way
every class is a fresh discovery
and it takes time to reach the point
where communication, trust, and accountability is ingrained
what we had with this one class will never be the same
maybe that’s why it’s hard parting ways in June
I get what I call the teacher blues
let me try to explain, these kids have been mine day in and day out
for the better part of a year
invested time, thought, and worry over every individual
they probably gave me more than I gave them, reciprocal
summer break, calls it right what we built fades
we can’t jump back because we’re all on separate paths
when last month we were so in sync that we cruised
and now I’m left with these teacher blues

These teacher blues,
Ain’t nothing I can do,
We had a second home now it’s gone

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