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Teachers Rap About Teaching Online During the Pandemic

Hip Hop HeadUcatorz had to address the realities of teaching during the global pandemic. We even made a music video that made it look like we crafted the song in a video conference call. “Teaching at Home” was released back in 2020 but it is still timely and relevant today.

As teachers we want the best for our students and we want everyone to stay healthy and happy. Online learning is not ideal but as teachers, we make it work. We find ways to make it better, to connect with our students, and to keep learning happening.

(Chorus – Jon Corbin)

The classrooms closed but our minds are free
The C O V I D got we
Teaching @ home, teaching @ home
Teaching @ home, teaching @ home

(Verse 1 – Tigz)

C-O-V-I-D Got me
Teaching my class behind a glass and a keyboard
Checking each second to minute for any reports
Are we going back to pens and pencils, chalks and blackboards?
I’m thinking about passwords for the router and Google classroom
No. You got to know
We got things in control
When push comes to shove
Teachers we are known for making due with what we got
So what’s the difference with this spot
They really got us in. So let’s begin
I got nothing but love
For the frontline workers
Who put it down for us all
So remember
Isolation is the option cuz its families we are watching
So my prayers are for more than a hundred thousand
Not forgotten

(Verse 2 – MikeAll)

HeadUcatorz stay at home over IKhan beats
Used to write on sheets now type bomb speech
Covid-19 got us living thru screens
Trying to upload hope and stay close remotely
Stroke keyboards building Google classrooms
Paranoid bout Zoom and video chat rooms
Study to know e-learning modes
Yo why don’t every child have device at home

(Verse 3 – Wizekrak)

Covid-19 got me teaching at home
Texting the crew about work
Gotta reach for the phone
Call me Capone, the OG of this online stuff
I’ve been ahead of the game, I’m quick hard to catch up
And now I’m planning all these lessons online for the students
They’re all good, but there’s always room for improvement
It’s difficult, I’d rather teach kids in the class
The forecast? Too hard to say when we’ll be back

(Verse 4 – the apologette)

This covid isolation got me replayin’
Days of normalcy and classroom slayin’
Missin’ them kids while keepin’ safe from contagion
Workin’ distance learning like Kawhi ball playin’
Gotta learn some patience, yo we know this ain’t ideal
Uploading videos with that social appeal
This moment is absurd just like a play by O’Neil
But the crew be holdin’ it down TO to Sarnia to Peel

(Verse 5 – Chase March)

I don’t ask my students to do anything I wouldn’t
Took plenty of online classes myself, it’s not prudent
Not stuck in the classroom though, get comfortable
And prove you can adapt, learn, and grow
Put in the effort to show where you’re at
Do things you shouldn’t or couldn’t while in class
And enjoy the change of routine
Make it your own
Surprise both of us with how this goes

(Verse 6 – A Cubed)

Je ne sais pas
Qu’est-ce que j’en sais moi
The directive is to teach from home
An Online foray mixed with the use of phone
Feels like I’m walking this path at night
Without a map nor a flashlight
With some trial and error, this online learning is gonna take flight
To covid-19 seems like the best response
On commence la renaissance!

(Verse 7 – Just Sev)

When life gives lemons you can still make something sweet
Let me break off some advice as a spit to the beat
Don’t forget your fitness, find the time to get it in
Exercising can be hard, it takes work and discipline
First and foremost be safe and keep your distance
still so much we can all do for instance;
Walk, skips, squats, dips, knee-high kicks, wall sits, Russian twists, should all do the trick
That’s a couple exercises but there’s many more
Yo, I know you’re bored, you just gotta hit the floor
You got nothin’ but time for you to build your core,
You can make a game of it and try to beat your friends score
Your education’s vital but it doesn’t top your health,
Try to keep up with your studies, but prioritize yourself!

(Chorus – Jon Corbin)

The classrooms closed but our minds are free
The C O V I D got we
Teaching @ home, teaching @ home
Teaching @ home, teaching @ home

Download the song for free from our Bandcamp page.

And keep an eye out for our next single that will be released on February 11th, 2022.

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