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Scarborough Mirror – A Borough Anthem!


Scarborough, Ontario (a former city and the current east side of Toronto) is a special home base for several members of Hip Hop Headucatorz. It’s a close knit community with the underdog mentality of an underestimated champion. It only felt right to craft an anthem about it.

“Scarborough Mirror”, whose title references a local community newspaper sees two of our MCs paying homage to the neighbourhood.

The banging production is provided by Symbiant, while the unique video features puppet versions of Wizekrak and MikeAll, created by Justin Hackert. In a full circle move, the video guest stars Knex, a former student of Wizekrak as a dancer. Pump up the volume and admire the artistry of “Scarborough Mirror”.



I’m ill like an overpacked walk-in clinic
In Scarborough, we like to keep the rhymes acidic
We don’t believe your story, any way you spin it
Walk out of a store, they check your bags, What’s in it?

I got the ill flow, yo, muppet on mic
Trumpet on beat, my speech is something hype
I‘m old school, I kick the rhymes you don’t like
If you’re into mumble rap, this style is not your type

I muddy the water, with a Don River flow
I’m phat, like the laces placed on shell toe
Mic to the mouth, must bend the elbow
For my speech and the beat to mesh like Velcro

There’s a new teacher in class, you can’t play with
You’ll get caught for stuff you used to get away with
I’m sorta like Kramer, come out and just say it
This is verbal aerobics, that’s how I stay fit


Verbal aerobics my words are explosive
so charged with bars surge protector couldn’t hold it
Golden Mile style history of making bombs
detonation occurs when mics placed in palm

Song lock your attention like East detention
Finch & Pharmacy section honourable mention
Drench studios red after slaughtering the booth
Fore I spit take a sip and gargle with the Rouge

River flows give a toast vivid prose deliver glow
“Till all the stars are closer” like Sza quote
Hiver cold collabo MikeAll & Wizekrak
Rap so phat say great Scott you know you got to Tap

Like Presto cards mark my bars with Sharpie
RIP tracks that move you like Scarbz RT
Hard drive line 4 more than Tam O’ Shanter
Club challengers change em to fans and chanters


Hear the anthem & cheer for the area
Make you see clearer the Scarborough Mirror
Hear the anthem & cheer for the area
90s style era the Scarborough Mirror

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