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New Single + Video – Bookwormz

Bookwormz, the lead single of the debut album by Hip Hop HeadUcatorz, is an ode to literature and the books we all love. There are many hidden references to amazing books in the verses. With banging production and passionate raps, this track hits hard.

Look for the album “Head of the Class” wherever you get music on March 11th.

Download the single for free from the Bandcamp Page and watch the music video below.

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I.Khan beats knock like hooks
Hit you in the head w our fav books
I.Khan beats knock like hooks
Hit you in the head w our fav books

(Chase March)

You can read in small sips and large gulps
Choose whatever you want from graphic novels to self help
Tell me your interests, I’ll point you in the right direction
I’m a librarian, that’s my job, it’s in the fine print
So, you gotta “Read for Your Life” and get equipped
For situations you may find yourself in
Get some context to see the bigger picture or zone
And get off your screens unless that’s a book on your phone


I.Khan makes beats and me, I spit the verse
Make a joint dope when I insert words
It’s the Gremlim author, I stay out of the light
I don’t read much but I like a story at night
I mean read lyrics when I speak into condensers
And I read graphs and Choose Your Own Adventure
The Road Not Taken flip back a few pages
I cheat with books and I’m cool with the changes

(the apologette)

Wake up in the mornin’ pour my coffee fresh
Crack open the spine turn, sip I’m bless
Love the crisp crunch of the page when I read
Building in my mind those “Glass Menageries”
Blowin’ up there canons of irrelevant ages
Lin Manuel reachin’ Heights for generations
Callin’ for Da Kink from boss Trey Anthony
Cued up with the lines of Hughes and Hansberry


“Walk Good Guyana Boy” with my Hip Hopping
True school jool underground “Hobbit”
There and Back Again” cycle can’t stop it
DJs “Lord of the Rings” sharp cuts chop it
Topics fav reads go and glean these
Share Prayer for HipHop like Owen Meaney
HHH freak I.Khan bomb beats
Peep the Rose that Grew from “Scarborough” Concrete

(Jon Corbin)

A free writer has got no limit, lines are exquisite
Words create worlds it’s a great place to visit
Imma crank it up 451 degrees
It’s the Curious Case of these reading emcees
Read “Brother” while building hearts for the nation
Read “Gutter Child” to spark imagination
And yeah, our love of books can seem so aggressive
But only cause the mind that it builds is impressive

(Just Sev)

Picked up “Ulysses” by James Joyce
Never passed page 3, ok not my first choice
Doesn’t have to be a battle, reading should be fun,
Ever got lost in a story only stopping when you’re done?
Like any good hustler, I got a few books on the go,
I read before bed and when things are moving slow
Read something daily, don’t just burn that clock.
You can gain knowledge anywhere,
Learning never stops

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