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Litres of Leaders (Hip Hop Worksheet)

We crafted a song about the power of leadership, made a lyric video of it, and filled it with clips of leaders who’ve inspired us.

Now we have turned it into a lesson you can use in your classroom.

Litres of Leaders by Hip Hop HeadUcatorz ft Dinco D

Here is a quick look at the document.

If you are interested in using this for your classroom, you can use the links below to download it

Download Litres of Leaders Worksheet in PDF format

Download Litres of Leaders Worksheet in .docx format

The song is available to download for free via Hip Hop HeadUcatorz Bandcamp page. It is also available on all streaming platforms.

We hope you enjoy the tune and can use it for a lesson on leadership in your classroom. Please let us know if you do, we’d love to hear from you!

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