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Educators Practising Hip Hop In and Outside of the Classroom

Hip Hop HeadUcatorz on The Chey and Pav Show

The Chey and Pav Show is a weekly podcast hosted by two middle school teachers from Toronto, Ontario. On Episode 107, they welcomed three members of Hip Hop HeadUcatorz to discuss ways that Hip Hop culture can be brought into the classroom.

the apologette, MikeAll, and Tigz joined them for a great discussion about importance of Spoken Word poetry, Oral traditions, and the impact of bringing storytelling into more than just the language arts curriculum. Each member had so much to contribute to this amazing conversation, from the literary connections to rap music, to the empowering acts of providing outlets and access points for students.

There is a brief discussion of suicide, and how difficult life situations (such as suicide) can humanize teachers and allow them show vulnerability to their students.

This is real talk about the teaching profession by real teachers.

Listen to the show on your favourite podcast platform or with the one of the players below.

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