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Congratulations Nettz, Teaching Excellence Award Winner

We are proud to announce that a member of Hip Hop Headucatorz has been awarded one of the biggest honours in education.

Our very own Professor Nettz, aka Dean Netto, will be travelling to Ottawa to accept the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

“Mr. Netto’s unwavering commitment to educational excellence was integral to me as a student and now inspires me every day in my own teaching practice. He has left an enduring mark on my life and undoubtedly the lives of many others for the past 13 years, which is the true testament of a brilliant educator.”

former student, St. John Henry Newman Catholic High School

The government website has this to say about why he is so deserving of this award.

“Dean Netto is not one for the status quo. If no school clubs reflect a student’s interests, he’ll create one that does. If traditional textbook teaching of mathematical concepts isn’t resonating, he’ll set out the concepts in TikTok videos, earworm rap videos, or through the lens of current events. Dean seeks to enhance inclusion across all areas of school life for his students so they can flourish as themselves.

Teaching approach

Dean meets his students where they are. Whether they’re exhausted from working a late shift on a school night or feeling hungry for whatever reason, he’s ready to offer them the space, comfort and nourishment they need to set themselves up for success. His adaptable lessons appeal to a wide range of learning styles, his classroom is welcoming, and his care is profound.

In the classroom

  • Works closely with guidance counsellors and administrators to make sure students’ educational environments meet their needs
  • Seeks to understand the demands, stresses and pressures his students face outside the classroom in order to tailor the space and his lessons to their current capacities and needs
  • Fosters a learning environment that emphasizes mastery of concepts over traditional grade achievements in order to empower students with a pride in and love of learning
  • Relates mathematical concepts to relevant life situations, breaking down the sometimes-abstract nature of mathematics
  • Encourages students to embrace their interests and cultural identities by creating school clubs and other opportunities
  • Acknowledges the role of artificial intelligence in a changing world and integrates it into lesson plans to teach students how to use it responsibly and effectively

Outstanding achievements

  • Transformed the Student Success class from a taboo place into a sanctuary where students want to go
  • Created a DJ club to create a space at school where disengaged students could build confidence, teaching members how to mix music, find work and book shows
  • Created a custom late slip for his classes that allowed students to privately share their reasons for being late so he could work with them to accommodate their needs
  • Led the school cricket team to a final championship
  • Encouraged his students to present their statistics work on bullying, gender equality, inclusivity and other issues in the school to create tangible changes in students’ behaviours”

Congratulations Nettz

We are proud of all that you do for your students and community on a daily basis.

Keep inspiring the youth!

Congratulations on this huge milestone!

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