Hip Hop Headucatorz

Educators Practising Hip Hop In and Outside of the Classroom

Chase March on CBC Radio’s London Morning

London Morning is a radio show on CBC London that is hosted by Rebecca Zandbergen.

This week she got the details of a new collective called Hip Hop Headucatorz and their mission to teach through the popular music genre. Headucatorz member Chase March explains how their music works with the lesson plan they created.

You can find the segment on the CBC Radio website or catch it with the YouTube player below.

If you would like the deluxe version of “Head of the Class” which comes with 12 songs, the instrumentals, and an 80-page teacher resource book, you can download it from our Bandcamp page.

Please let us know how these lessons have worked for you and your students. It would be great to hear from you! 

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