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Bookwormz featured on the Ronsha Mix

It’s such a great feeling to see out music bring embraced by radio shows across the globe.

To see our latest single, Bookwormz, in this star-studded tracklist is absolutely amazing.

Shout out to DJ Ronsha and G-Zon for the support they have been showing to Hip Hop HeadUcatorz and our fellow Canadian artists.

This show is broadcast from Paris, France every Thursday and it is one of the best mixshows of all time. Enjoy the latest episode with the player below.

The Ronsha Mix #257

Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha (Voodoo Docterz) “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
nAvi the NORTH “Mimico Handshakes” (feat. D.O.V & Gambit) [Cuts by Die Empty]
Maine The Medicine “Golden” (feat. DJ Blackmagic)
The Odd Pilot “Love Slaps” (feat. Honey Dinero)
Paula Perry x Castle Money Beats “Trust Me” (feat. Da Inphamus Amadeuz & Grand Daddy I.U.) [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
Vietnam x Ches.ko “No 2nd Chance” (feat. DJ Prod)
Beni-Hana “Late Bloomer”
Novatore, A.M. Early Morning & Stu Bangas “Underestimated” (feat. Apathy) [Cuts by D​-​Rec]
UFO Fev x DJ J Hart “In The Rain”
Don Streat & St. Ivan The Terrible “Shooters”
Napoleon Da Legend “Royal Oats” (feat. K-Prez)
Lu Chin Chen x Conflikt “Nothing Matters” (feat. Craig G, Masta Ace & Kia Jeffries)
B1 The Architect “The Finishers” (feat. Le Zeppo)
Es “My Winning Formula”
Mooch x Oh Jay “Accidental Killas”
Kain x Foul Mouth “Rock N Roll”
WateRR x Tone Beatz “Lake Of Emotion”
Certain.Ones x Masta Conga “Boys Will B-Boys”
Mike Titan, A7MC, Zcience Division & Silas Zephania “Tripartite Allies”
Brutal Caesar “Master of Words” (feat. Haz & Skanks The Rap Martyr) [Cuts by DJ TMB]
Hip Hop HeadUcatorz “Bookwormz
Jay Love x The Avid Record Collector “Warlord”
MZ1 “Rosebud”
Vic Monroe x Tone Spliff “Business Risky” [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
Words x Alcapella “Clown World” (feat. Joey B Toonz)
ACT-1 x So=Cal “Beauty In The Chaos”
Memphis Reigns, Shamon Cassette & Remshot “Bullet Train”
Cuban Pete x Nary Da Producer “Hunger Games” (feat. Jabbo Tha MACnificent & B. Dvine)
Voodoo Docterz “For The Family Brand” (feat. Eclyse, Shyste, ILLtemper, Ajax, Ciphurphace, L.E.O., Status The Shokwave & Silentmind) [Cuts by Foreign Dialect]
LuGhz x IllOne “This Shit Is Ours”
Paavo x Chef Mike “Blood In The Iris” (feat. A-F-R-O)
Jake Haw x Edd Bundy “Something In The Water” (feat. Hi-Q, Absoulut Karnage & Dystrakted)
Emilio Craig “100 Points” (feat. Reef Hustle, Rasheed Chappell & Scott G)
The Triad (Indigo Phoenyx & I9ON) “Trident Strikes Again” (feat. John Jigg$)
Foule Monk & Pro Zay “2.9”

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