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  • MikeAll Teaching Hip Hop (Guest Presenter)

    MikeAll Teaching Hip Hop (Guest Presenter)

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    The Hip Hop Headucatorz are comprised of elementary and secondary teachers but they are not below the realm of higher learning. For example, MikeAll has collaborated with Dr. Naveen Joshi, Professor of Cultural Studies, Department of Liberal Studies at Humber College. Dr. Naveen (aka the Hip Hop Prof) offers an elective course called Hip-Hop Studies:…

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  • Hip Hop Headucatorz in Ottawa – A Recap

    Hip Hop Headucatorz in Ottawa – A Recap

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    ‘Twas a Capital affair when four Headucatorz (Chase March, Jon Corbin, MikeAll & the apologette) travelled to Ottawa for a panel discussion on Hip Hop in education. The event was part of the first ever Hip Hop theatre festival at the NAC. The Headucatorz had an engaging conversation with host Adrienne Codett. Topics explored were…

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